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Ecoguided puncture in front of the blind puncture in the nervous lock of the foot: narrative bibliographical review

Cristina Mora Castillo

DOI: 10.20986/revesppod.2019.1548/2019

Available online on tuesday, 26 november 2019

Prospective evaluation of an action protocol for metatarsalgia due to failure of the first radius: Results of conservative and surgical treatment

Borja Cerdá Dalmau, Laura Prats Gispert, Josep Conde, Luke CIcchinelli, Joan Vinyes

DOI: 10.20986/revesppod.2019.1544/2019

Available online on friday, 22 november 2019

Tratamiento de fractura conminuta del calcáneo con plasma rico en plaquetas: Caso Clínico

Beatriz Gómez-Martín, Raquel Sánchez-Rodríguez, Alfonso Martínez Nova, Elena Escamilla-Martínez

DOI: 10.20986/revesppod.2019.1549/2019

Available online on monday, 14 october 2019

Effect size. This works but, how much?

Javier Pascual Huerta

DOI: 10.20986/revesppod.2019.1552/2019

Available online on friday, 27 september 2019


Joan Lozano Freixas, Luis Castillo Sánchez

DOI: 10.20986/revesppod.2019.1546/2019

Available online on friday, 27 september 2019

Provision of orthopaedic footwear to patients in a hospital area: Transversal study.

José Luis Ledesma Vargas, Pedro García-Fortea

DOI: 10.20986/revesppod.2019.1547/2019

Available online on wednesday, 11 september 2019

Clinical test in diagnosis of ankle sprain: a literature review

Laia Sors Tor, Aitor Pérez-Morcillo, Javier Alfaro-Santafé, Carles Escalona Marfil, Antonio Gómez-Bernal

DOI: 10.20986/revesppod.2019.1535/2019

Available online on wednesday, 11 september 2019

Submission and tracking of manuscripts

Submission and tracking of manuscripts


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