Conflicts of Interest and Finantial Disclosure


The ICMJE states that: “A conflict of interest exists when a professional judgment concerning a primary interest (such as patients’ welfare or the validity of research) may be influenced by a secondary interest (such as financial gain).” Financial relationships are the most easily identifiable conflicts of interest and include employment, consultancies, stock ownership and options, honoraria, patents and paid expert testimony. Authors should declare any financial conflict of interest at the moment of manuscript submission. The ICMJE form is available at ( and should be used for declaration of conflicts of interest at the time of manuscript submission. However, conflicts of interests can also occur for other reasons such as personal relationships, academic competition, rivalries and intellectual beliefs. In this context, authors should also declare any kind of non-financial relationship (personal, academic, ideological, intellectual, politic o religious) that could cause a conflict of interest for the author. In case authors do not declare conflicts of interest, it should be stated: “authors declare they do not have any conflict of interest”. Each author must fill the conflict of interest form and the Corresponding author will summit all together at the time of manuscript submission.
For this, all authors should fill the Conflict of Interest Form available in the ICMJE web page ( before manuscript submission. In case that authors do not have any conflicts of interest, they should declare: “I declare that there is no relevant conflicts of interest”. 


At the moment of manuscript submission authors should declare the origin and nature of all funds (public or private) used to accomplish their work, including data collection and analysis, or even manuscript preparation. Donations of technical equipment such as radiology and sonography equipment, pressure platforms, etc., for the accomplishment of the study will not be considered financial aid. In that case, donations of deliveries should be cited in the acknowledgements of the manuscript.


Sending a paper for its publication in Revista Española de Podología implies that the work is original, has not been previously published and is not under evaluation for being published in any other media. At the same time, it implies that all authors have authorized its publication in the journal and also the responsable authorities of the center or institution in which the work was carried out. After being accepted for its publication, it will not be published as an original work in any other media with the same format, neither in english or any other language.  For verification of the originality of the work the manuscript could be examined by the Crossref Similarity Check.
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