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Objective and independent judgment of manuscripts prior to its publication on any journal is a critical part of the process of generation of knowledge. For that reason, we understand the peer review process as an integral part of the scientific method by itself. Peer review process of Revista Española de Podología consists in the assessment of manuscripts by external reviewers (usually not part of the Editorial Board) prior to its publication.

The spanish podiatry journal uses a blinded peer review process which consist in that every paper is reviewed by two independent external reviewers designated by the Editorial Board without knowing any data about the authors of the paper and location of the study. The editor in charge of the article will judge comments of the reviewers and can reject papers that are considered not appropriate for the journal or can suggest some changes of the manuscript to the authors. Once review has finished, the manuscript can fall in one of these categories: 
1) Accepted for publication: manuscript will be published without changes; 
2) Review: authors are suggested to perform some changes suggested by reviewers or the editor; those changes can be considered as Major changes when important changes in the structure or the main body of the manuscript are suggested, or Minor Changes, when changes suggested are not so important for the main body of the manuscript.
3) Rejection of the paper: the paper is not considered for publication in the journal. 

Authors can track the whole process of their manuscripts in the  authors’ submission system in the following URL ( 


In any case of author’s disagreement or disconformity with the review process or decisions taken with the manuscript during the prepublication or even the postpublication period, the editorial board of the journal will follow the flow charts of good practices and behavior designed by COPE that can be checked in the following link:

Submission and tracking of manuscripts

Submission and tracking of manuscripts


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Most read articles


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