Year 2018 / Volume 29 / Number 1

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Relationship between foot posture index and plantar pressure distribution in patients with limb length inequality: a case series study

Rev Esp Podol. 2018;29(1):21-26 / DOI: 10.20986/revesppod.2018.1502/2018

Javier Pascual-Huertaa, Calor Arcas Lorenteb, Lucía Trincado Villaa, Francisco Javier García Carmonac y Diana Fernández Moratob aPráctica privada. Clínica del Pie Elcano. Bilbao. bPráctica Privada. Clínica del Pie Embajadores. Madrid. cFacultad de Enfermería, Fisioterapia y Podología. Unversidad Complutense de Madrid.


The presence of compensations in patients with limb length inequality (LLI) is still an issue of debate. The present study compared diff erences in the static position and in the plantar pressure distribution during standing of both feet of patients with LLI.

Patients and methods: The study included patients with LLI (diagnosed with full limb x-rays) who went to a foot offi ce by different reasons. The foot posture index (FPI) and the percentage of plantar pressure distribution between the left and right feet during static standing were measured in both feet. Diff erences in the FPI and plantar pressure distribution of the long and short limbs were analyzed.

Results: A total of 19 subjects were included in the study. No diff erences were found in the FPI neither the plantar pressure distribution in standing static between the short and long limbs of patients with LLI.

Conclusion: Data of the present study do not support the idea of compensation patterns in LLI patients in which foot position or plantar pressure distribution between the short and long limbs in static position are changed. However, singular characteristics of the sample of the study (patients with pain or ailments in the foot or lower limb) and the small power of the study could have influenced in the absence of statistical significant results.

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