Year 2018 / Volume 29 / Number 1

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Flatfoot surgery: a personal view

Rev Esp Podol. 2018;29(1):49-59 / DOI: 10.20986/revesppod.2018.1516/2018

Luke D. Cicchinelli Podólogo. Doctor en Medicina Podiátrica (EE. UU.). Práctica Privada. Vigo, Pontevedra


The options for the surgical correction of fl atfeet are varied and can be signifi cantly infl uenced by a single surgeons experience and tendencies. An intimate understanding of the biomechanical infl uences that lead to fl atfeet and the varied conceptual approaches to the correction of these forces is fundamental. There are many combinations of procedures that can result in satisfactory outcomes and it is wise for all surgeons to be familiar with as many as possible to tailor the procedural selection to each individual patient. 
This article encompases the most recent and relevant literature with the personal experience of the author for the surgical treatment of fl atfoot deformity in the last 25 years.

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