Year 2018 / Volume 29 / Number 1

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Effectiveness of conservative orthotic treatment in flexible pediatric flatfoot

Rev Esp Podol. 2018;29(1):2-12 / DOI: 10.20986/revesppod.2018.1507/2018

Moisés Pardos Barrado Doctor por la Universidad de Zaragoza. Diplomado en Podología y Enfermería. Clínica del pie Moisés Pardos. Zaragoza. España

Introduction: There is controversy regarding the eff ectiveness of conservative treatment by means of foot orthoses for the flexible pediatric fl atfoot deformity condition. The present study aims to investigate the eff ect of diff erent types of orthoses in the kinematics of tarsal joints and hip joint during gait.
Patients and methods: A total of 167 pediatric students...

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Mapping the 25 top-cited research papers in plantar fasciitis in runners

Rev Esp Podol. 2018;29(1):13-20 / DOI: 10.20986/revesppod.2018.1505/2018

María Ayala-Gascóna, Fernanda Garzón-Farinósb, Javier Torralba-Estellesb y Javier Ferrer-Torregrosab aDoctoral School. bFaculty of Physiotherapy and Podiatry. Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir. Valencia. Spain

Introduction: The cites received by a paper is the most common method used to determine its impact in a particular scientific field. Plantar fasciitis is one of the five most common skeletal muscle injuries in runners. With a multi-factor aetiology, this degenerative process of the plantar fascia occurs when it is repetitively exposed to tensile overload. This research...

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Relationship between foot posture index and plantar pressure distribution in patients with limb length inequality: a case series study

Rev Esp Podol. 2018;29(1):21-26 / DOI: 10.20986/revesppod.2018.1502/2018

Javier Pascual-Huertaa, Calor Arcas Lorenteb, Lucía Trincado Villaa, Francisco Javier García Carmonac y Diana Fernández Moratob aPráctica privada. Clínica del Pie Elcano. Bilbao. bPráctica Privada. Clínica del Pie Embajadores. Madrid. cFacultad de Enfermería, Fisioterapia y Podología. Unversidad Complutense de Madrid.

Introduction: The presence of compensations in patients with limb length inequality (LLI) is still an issue of debate. The present study compared diff erences in the static position and in the plantar pressure distribution during standing of both feet of patients with LLI.
Patients and methods: The study included patients with LLI (diagnosed with full limb x-rays)...

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Flatfoot surgery: a personal view

Rev Esp Podol. 2018;29(1):49-59 / DOI: 10.20986/revesppod.2018.1516/2018

Luke D. Cicchinelli Podólogo. Doctor en Medicina Podiátrica (EE. UU.). Práctica Privada. Vigo, Pontevedra

The options for the surgical correction of fl atfeet are varied and can be signifi cantly infl uenced by a single surgeons experience and tendencies. An intimate understanding of the biomechanical infl uences that lead to fl atfeet and the varied conceptual approaches to the correction of these forces is fundamental. There are many combinations of procedures that...

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